Redefining Spark New Zealand’s Future Retail Strategy

Spark, New Zealand’s largest telco company, had an ambitious goal. To not just be the largest, but the leading, home-grown brand that helps all of New Zealand to win big in a digital world. We partnered with them to redefine their future retail strategy to bring their goal to life.


Telco companies are far more than just phone and network providers. They’re digital problem solvers. Memory makers. Platforms for connection, socialising, sharing and learning. Our mission was to create an environment that celebrated this relationship, bringing brand and audience closer together. 

The Result

From telco, to lifestyle facilitator. We crafted a new retail strategy for Spark, designing two flagship stores in Auckland that move the brand beyond somewhere to just simply shop. An inspiring new brand home of expert advice, workshops, talks and education, and a place to build their customers’ digital lives in a relatable and reassuring way, making them the holistic lifestyle partner for the future. A glowing NPS score of 78 says it all. 

“People relate to people and our stores provide this very real element that’s missing from online – it’s a commitment to the human experience which is a gateway to the digital experience.”

Chris Fletcher
Spark Retail Lead