Senior Client Director

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We’re looking for an experienced Senior Client Director (equivalent of Group Account Director) that will inspire their clients and mentor the internal team. You will have a significant and diverse agency background with a proven track record of developing your clients and making their journey the best it can be. Experience across retail and digital in the physical and experiential sectors is a must. The role requires you to be able to strategically lead your clients, on both a commercial and creative level, forming relationships based on insight and deep industry knowledge. We strongly believe that for this role, there is no such thing as over-communicating.


Financial management including forecasting is a key skill for the role, whilst any speciality or skill that you can bring to Green Room would also give you a definite edge. You’ll be a high-level thinker that won’t be afraid to get stuck in, honesty and openness will be second nature to you- and most importantly- you will know how to have fun along the way!