10 Essential elements of great retail design

You’ll have to excuse us for blowing our trumpet, but sometimes there’s a time and a place, and this is very much one of those moments. Because one thing’s for sure, we’ve been round the retail block and so we happen to know a thing or two about great retail design. Whether it’s designing the future of customer experiences, crafting striking store design, creating global digital experiences, or helping to launch the world’s first social retail store. Consider trumpet blown.

So forget everything you’ve read about how to build the perfect store, because these are the only 10 elements of retail design you’ll ever need to know. Promise.


1. Celebrate your rich brand heritage through your retail design. Like we did for Burberry in the world's first ever Social Retail store in Shenzhen, China. Read all about it here.

2. Product trial is a bit boring at the best of times. So if you’re going to include it in your store design, there’s one simple, golden rule. Make it fun! PUMA shows the rest of the pack how it’s done with our immersive digital football experience – currently on its world tour from Sydney, to New York and Tel Aviv.

3. Put the customer in the driving seat. Great retail design gives customers what they want, in a space that allows them to explore the brand on their own terms. That’s exactly what we did for Mercedes Benz across 30 locations.

4. Turn your store into a fountain of knowledge, to inspire, educate and excite. New Zealand’s leading telco company Spark, wanted to become a digital service partner to its millions of customers – we crafted a future retail design strategy for the brand, creating two flagships that did just that, bringing brand and customer together.  

5. Make it tactile, sensory, interactive, and all that good stuff. Retail design that acts as a playground for discovery will only deepen those all important emotional bonds and bring your audience into your brand story.

6. Take your audience on an immersive journey through your brand ethos, using highly immersive retail design to transport them to unexplored worlds. See how we did it for Burberry’s new Imagined Landscapes Experience on the tropical island of Jeju.

7. Build a brand home for your community, where shared passions are celebrated through retail design that unites and connects. We created a gaming arena design to launch gaming behemoth Belong into the US, bringing a new generation of gamers together.

8. Location, location, location. Know your place - whether it’s crafting retail design for the local community, or building striking retail installations to capture a quarter of a million people driving past, like we do for Kia.

9.  Still unsure about how to approach your latest retail design project?


10.  Talk to us. We’d love to chat.  


8 min23 Sep 20