Bowers & Wilkins Exhibition Stand, Gadget Show Live

We worked with Bowers & Wilkins to design and deliver an interactive exhibition stand to display their products at Gadget Show Live in 2012.

When leading audio brand Bowers & Wilkins exhibited at The Gadget Show Live trade show in 2012, they chose Green Room as their exhibition stand design partner. They commissioned us to design and deliver an eye-catching and memorable exhibition stand to command attention in the hall.

The Challenge

Bowers & Wilkins tasked Green Room with the design and production of a premium exhibition space for The Gadget Show Live. The brief called for an interactive, experiential space that celebrated the brands’ product excellence within the hi-fi industry.

The creative brief called for a highly effective and imp active brand experience that would be positioned at the entrance of the exhibition. Bowers & Wilkins wanted their core brand values to be represented within the physical environment, whilst products were showcased and visitors engaged.

The Insight

Exhibition environments offer a crucial, dynamic opportunity to break down barriers to purchase. New customers can be encouraged to try out products they may not feel comfortable with in an enclosed retail space.

The Solution

Our vision was to create an interactive and immersive experience which educated customers through key lifestyle and product stories.As part of the creative process we integrated key dwell areas and iconic hero product displays, whilst maintaining a language, presentation and execution which was unmistakably Bowers & Wilkins.

We established a clear customer journey with dedicated interactive product stories which educated and informed the visitor of the quality, innovation and design within the Bowers & Wilkins lifestyle product range.

The most iconic of these was an elegant headphone tree display with listening posts. The collaboration with the Abbey Road studios was also called out with product, imagery and storytelling.

The stand received a great deal of positive attention from show visitors, fellow exhibiting brands and also the press. It has also been re-used at further shows and events around the UK. 

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