Making the Most of Pop Up Shops

Pop-up shops are a great way for retailers and brands to enter emerging markets, make a brand splash and drive sales. But do you know how your brand can make the most of them?

Making the Most of Pop Up Shops

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Pop up shops are a fairly new phenomenon in the scheme of things.

However, thanks to their huge business potential, they have become very popular and many firms are making use of them. They can be a superb way for brands to enhance their profiles and they really get people talking about the goods and services companies offer.

These days, it’s possible to source assistance when it comes to projects like this. Taking advantage of specialist help can make planning, launching and running the temporary shops easier and it can boost the success of the projects.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of making the most of stores like this, you might welcome an announcement made by communities secretary Eric Pickles. The politician revealed that the government is to scrap restrictions that hinder start-up companies from temporarily using vacant shops.

The move is an attempt by the coalition administration to fill the gaps that are currently plaguing many high streets and the changes will scale back red tape that can lead to costly delays in securing planning permission. Anyone starting a pop-up business will have up to two years to apply for planning permission, rather than having to submit an application immediately.

Unleashing entrepreneurs

Commenting on the changes, Mr Pickles said:

“Leaving empty shops to rot is a wasted economic opportunity that spoils the town centre - that is why we are proposing to scrap the damaging red tape that is keeping so many boarded up. This change can unleash our young entrepreneurs to open pop-up shops and turn the high streets into an exciting start-up launch pad.”

He added:

“Reclaiming dreary unused street space can breathe new life into high streets - by de-cluttering streets for pedestrians, creating a lively atmosphere with pavement cafes, pop-up shop spots and entertainment so they are more family friendly fun place to go.”

Making your life easier

Although the planning rules associated with opening a retail space like this may now be easier to cope with, there are still plenty of other issues to consider. Indeed, opening your own pop up shop can be a daunting prospect. It’s important that you create the perfect impression on your customers. After all, the whole point of retail outlets like this is to bolster your image, not tarnish it.

The good news is, help is at hand. Rather than going it alone, you can come here to us at Green Room. We’re experts when it comes to retail interior design and could be perfectly placed to assist you.

Efficiency is key

As well as helping to ensure your pop up looks fabulous and perfectly reflects your brand ethos, we can ensure your project runs as efficiently as possible. Because we’re specialists when it comes to pop up store design, we know where savings can be made and we can help you all avoid costly pitfalls.

So, if you’re thinking of giving your enterprise a boost with temporary shops like this, why not take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team?

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Sam Langley-Swain

Sam Langley-Swain

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