Boosting Customer Experiences with In-Store Wireless Connectivity

Modern retail is all about customer experiences and digital integration. Savvy retailers are combining both to really boost their offering.

Boosting Customer Experiences with In-Store Wireless Connectivity

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Consumer use of technology has burgeoned over recent times and now many people expect to be connected to the web almost constantly, whether they are at work, at home or out and about shopping. Therefore, ensuring your retail outlets are equipped to meet people’s expectations when it comes to web-use may be one of your priorities at present.

By making sure your retail design incorporates wireless internet connectivity, you might be able to enhance your customers’ experiences and boost sales. Ultimately, this would be great for your bottom line.

Expert advice

One man who’s sold on the idea of offering from web access in shops is Steve Moore, leader of customer experience at The Carphone Warehouse. Speaking to The Retail Bulletin, he noted that that “particularly in developed nations people are using mobiles as their first point of reference”.

His firm has introduced free Wi-Fi in its outlets as part of a multi-million pound investment with BT. About this, he remarked: “If you can get free Wi-Fi with a £2 coffee then it should be pretty easy to give Wi-Fi to customers in most stores. It’s in the first few Carphone Warehouse stores and will take a while to roll out to all the shops but it will [ultimately] enable four layers of Wi-Fi with some of this visible to customers and some not - this will be for our own devices.”

Boosting consumer engagement

The expert went on to draw attention to the importance of pushing relevant content to mobile devices. For example, if customers enter specific codes or scan QR codes, personalised data may become available.

One of the factors driving increased use of the web among consumers is the rising level of computer literacy. Commenting on this, Mr Moore said: “People, our customers, now have the vocabulary set for this. Previously my dad didn’t know about technology but he’s now using an iPad. People are less scared of technology today.”

Bring in the specialists

If you’re keen to ensure your stores make the most of the web and satisfy customer demand for Wi-Fi access and so on, it may pay off to enlist the help of specialists in retail interior design. Here at Green Room, we know all there is to know about this topic and are perfectly placed to assist you.

As well as all our other design and installation services, we can help you optimise your digital strategy. For example, we’re experts in augmented reality, social media and mobile marketing, touchscreen technology, proximity marketing, viral campaigns, email and smart phone apps.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the multichannel retail services we offer, or indeed any of the other services our experts provide, just take a look around our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team.

We can help you reach out to customers using the very best that technology has to offer and with our assistance, you should find digital engagement much easier.

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Sam Langley-Swain

Sam Langley-Swain

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